Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looks Like We Made It!

Well, we survived our 10 day family vacation!  Actually, I think I had built it up to be this overwhelming, impossible experience so that when nothing major went wrong it was just plane fun.  Judging by the regular luggage in addition to the 2 boxes of food- with and without gluten, large bag of D supplies, and cooler of insulin I would say I maybe over packed! But, better to be safe than sorry, right?  The car ride did get a bit long at times, but the kids got to see parts of the country the wouldn't otherwise have a chance to see.

On our way out to California, we stopped in Vegas for supper.  We drove the strip so they could see the sites.  It took longer than anticipated, as you know there is a lot to see!  Everyone wanted to eat at In and Out Burger.  So, we chose one on the edge of town, thinking it wouldn't be as busy.  It was a good plan, except we got lost and ended up right by the strip in the busiest, most ethnically blended joint ever.  My girls were a bit overwhelmed.  Tylie had on yoga shorts and was afraid she would be under-dressed and didn't want to get out of the car. After her father and I assured her she would not be the worst dressed she did agree to go in!  As a people watcher, I thought it was great!  As a  mom, I was also thoroughly disgusted by the icky bathrooms and the close proximity to all these strangers.  However, we survived and I was quite impressed with how careful they were with TJ's meal after I told them he was gluten free.  Tylie was also happy as she has "cut back" on bread and really enjoyed the burger Protein style!

In general, I worried most about TJ's eating and really shouldn't have.  Once we got passed Idaho, people are pretty aware of food allergies and most places we stopped not only had a menu but automatically asked us specific questions or sent out a chef or manager.  It was refreshing not to look like the neurotic mom looking for special treatment!  In fact, at Disney somehow we ended up with an extra kids meal. In the process of getting all 6 of us settled, I mixed up the boxes.  I went to an attendant and just asked if he could confirm the bun, as I was pretty sure I knew which one it was but needed reassurance.  Before  I knew it I had 3 managers and a cook beside me!  In Hollywood we ate at a Mexican place.  At the place we usually eat in town, TJ can have the tortilla chips so we didn't even think to ask.  A man at the table next to us had overheard our order and informed us that the chips were fried in oil with floured items.  TJ was disappointed but got over it when his corn tortilla quesadilla arrived.  It is now his new favorite thing.

Diabetically speaking, we had no major issues.  The kids didn't complain when I asked them to check blood sugars, all pumps worked as designed- even after one took an accidental dip in the pool- and blood sugars were all relatively stable.  The day at the beach is always my most nerve wracking day since they are unattached for so much of it.  But, as it turned out the waves were harder on us than our chronic health issues.  And, I guess this isn't a bad thing!

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