Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thinking ahead

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend a few days with just my with my two oldest daughters.  It was a very interesting experience. The primary purpose was to tour a college Tylie is considering.  It happens to be where I went for my undergrad degree.   For some reason, I found it to be very emotional.  Much more so than I had anticipated.  It was so strange to be in that setting with my children and realizing that one of them would actually be old enough to attend there next year.  Just yesterday, I was skating down those ice covered sidewalks- how could I possibly have child old enough!  I told my husband I was glad he wasn't along, I probably would have cried.  As it was, I did tear up but managed to cover it up by claiming allergies.  Some things were so exactly the same that it was a little scary.  But the growth and opportunities available have greatly increased.  I was really impressed that the food service program posts meals, has options for gluten free, and there is a nutritionist available if there are questions.  Of course, I didn't even tell the kids how excited this made me and I am sure they would never in a million years go to see her, but still, it made me feel better.  Going into the tour, Tylie was very reserved but going out, I was pleasantly surprised that for the first time she actually seemed excited about the prospect of college.  Taya was wishing she was the senior!  As we left, I had to say to the girls that I was quite proud of myself.  I didn't think I was the most embarrassing parent there at all!  Both of them agreed, possibly because I was taking them out for Sushi and they were afraid I'd change my mind if they disagreed!  Overall, it was a very fun weekend and I am glad we had the opportunity to have some relaxing fun.  We had pedicures, shopped, ate (a lot!) and talked.  Being away from home and the younger kids seemed to take some of the pressure off and they girls even managed to get along for the majority of the time!  I have to admit if Tylie won't agree to start out at the 2 year college at home, I hope she goes here.  At least she would be close to family and not so far away that we wouldn't get to see her.  It would also be close enough for her to continue to see her care team here.  I try not to say anything to them, but this is a worry for me.  We have had such excellent care from people that have become like family and it worries me that in a sense, at some point they may have to start over in this respect.  But, I will save that worry for later.  For now, we just have to get her to think beyond the next 5 minutes!

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