Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleepless Nights

I don't sleep much.  I think this is a trait that I have had as a child, at least this is what my parents tell me.  The slightest sound wakes me up.  Last night was no exception.  Actually, I fell asleep easily enough but then I was startled awake at 12:30 am when Tylie called from the bathroom saying she felt low but she also felt like throwing up.  So, we checked blood sugar (86) and settled on some apple juice.  We waited 15 minutes, checked again and found it was still going down (71).  So, we tried to find something she could tolerate without increasing the nausea.  She had been well over 400 just an hour earlier, so we figured the sudden drop was what was making her feel sick.  Luckily, when we checked again she was 117 so she could return to bed and go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, sleep was not so easy for me.

As I lay in bed I started thinking about work and making lists in my head about what I needed to do on Monday.  I forced myself to stop that line of thinking because it is not at all conducive to relaxation!  But, then my mind wandered back to the week ahead and I mentally started making a menu and a grocery list.  Again, not relaxing!  Taya was having friends sleep over so I decided it would be a good time to get caramel rolls prepared for breakfast.  I usually make caramel rolls or muffins as special treats when friends stay over.  This task complete I got out my book.  Just when I was feeling drowsy, I can hear thunder in the distance and see flashes of light.  Sure enough, within minutes Taylor is calling from her bedroom, "Is it going to storm?"  So, I settle her back down and run outside to put TJ's bike in the garage before the rain hits.   I return to my book and wait for the inevitable thunder boom that will wake TJ.    A couple of weeks ago he was in a building that was struck by lightening.  Needless to say, storms are not his favorite thing.  Sure enough, a big clap shakes the house and knocks out the power.  He is shaking in his bed.  I climb in beside him and lay wide awake while he drifts back to sleep. 

Finally, I creep back to my own room and think to myself that not much has changed since they were infants and I didn't get a full night sleep!  It is a rare night that someone isn't up because of a bad dream, an out of range blood sugar- treated either by food or a trip to the bathroom and a correction on the pump,  or a necessary fingerpoke to determine if changes we made to pump settings are fixing the previously mentioned events!  My husband is blessed with the amazing ability to sleep anytime, anywhere.  Most nights it is more of a hassle to try and wake him and get him to be coherent than it is just to get up myself.  A good night's sleep for me is 4 uninterrupted hours.  Sometimes no one else wakes up-it's just me, and my never ending train of thoughts.  So, I get up, do a kid check and try to return to sleep.  If it's a weekday, inevitably sleep comes about the time my alarm goes off!  Today, however, it is Sunday.  TJ slept in until 8:00 so I got a few extra hours but I think I will take advantage of the waining days of summer and take a nap on the deck in the backyard! 

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