Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, the first official day of school hasn't even started and already the frenzy has begun!  After a day spent listening to speakers and in meetings meant to psych the teacher's up for the new school year, I came home and began reading emails.  Like the book, Give a Mouse a Cookie, I was off and running.  First, there was the note from the school nurse which lead me to remember that I needed to update TJ's health plan as it relates to the insulin pump.  Then I responded to the email from the school dietitian regarding the menu and gluten free options which lead me to make a shopping list.  The list lead me to double check that I had emergency food supplies and set changes ready to go to the high school and middle school.  Finally, I checked elementary backpacks, found the required boxes of Kleenex, added to the stash of gluten free snacks and D supplies I had ready for TJ's classroom in preparation for the open house and a meeting with the nurse in the morning.  After scrolling through the rest of the e-mail on my school account I needed to write checks and fill out forms for Taya's volleyball.  It was a pleasant surprise today that my husband had shopped and was cooking supper.  So, while that was happening I pulled up the family email account, which I haven't had time to check in a few days.  There is a message from Tessa's skating coach reminding us of off ice practice tonight at 4:00.  Well, fabulous!  It was now 6:05! 

Now, I spend a lot of time worrying about Tessa.  Not because she has diabetes or can't tolerate gluten but strangely because she doesn't!  I get built in alone time with the other three kids.  We make doctor appointments an adventure that usually includes coffee or lunch or a little shopping trip.  In addition, I get a lot of time with TJ, just because of his age.  Tessa often gets lost in the diabetes shuffle that is our life.  We try and plan alone time with her and her sisters are really good about spending time with her.  She does an awesome job of taking care of her little brother after school.  In fact, the day we discovered his astronomical blood sugar she was my savior.  I knew what I had to do but a part of me was still in denial.  She knew the number on the meter was too high from watching her sisters and she did not for a minute panic.  She said, "Hmm, that's high."  I said, "Yes, it is" and  with a shaking hand, started making phone calls.  She seemed to sense that I could only focus on one thing and kept TJ totally occupied and calm while I moved around like a robot.  This is notable mostly because Tessa is the first one to be over dramatic, often seems flighty, and cries on a dime.  If you asked me prior to this traumatic event which daughter could handle a crisis best, it wouldn't have been her I named.  But at this time, when it was just the three of us home, she was a rock. 

So, when I told her today that I forgot about her skating practice, I felt a tremendous guilt!  Besides being the only non-D kid, she is the only figure skater in a house of hockey people and I forgot to take her to practice!  And sadly, it isn't the first time.  Typically, I carry around a huge datebook with a color coded schedule carefully written in.  However, I am in the process of trying to be more techy and move it all to an electronic calendar so that I can get reminders on my phone. Clearly you can see the importance of this feature!  I hastily sent a text message to her coach begging forgiveness and pleading for her not to take it out on Tessa.  Missing skating is kind of a big deal.  Tessa, however, while I know she is disappointed does not say one word reprimanding me.  A part of me thinks she might be used to feeling forgotten.  Screwing up is not a feeling I enjoy and I hate it worse when it hurts someone else.  So, on the eve before school starts, my vow is to keep my head above water and leave no child behind!  (Obviously been in teacher meeting for two days!)  In the mean time, I will have to figure out a way to make it up to her- maybe a shopping trip is in order...she is a girl, after all! 

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