Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ups and Downs of Days

I have mentioned birthday parties and how hectic they can be.  Well, on Friday, I opened the refrigerator at 7 pm and there was TJ's lunchbox!  Oh no!  He was still at the birthday party so I couldn't even ask him what he ate.  So, I worried and felt guilty until he got home.  When he finally arrived I said I was sorry for forgetting his lunch.  He said, "It was my fault, mom!  I forgot it in the fridge."  Wow, I told you he was responsible.  Pretty sure if that would have been one of his sisters that would not have been the response!  Anyway, I asked what he ate and he said the teacher called the office and the office called the kitchen and the nurse and they made him a sandwich with his bread and got to eat the same fruit as everyone else.  We are so lucky to have the support at school that we do.  And that extends not only to staff but the amazing parents of his friends.  He is going to another birthday party next weekend and she has already emailed me about ice cream.  And just today I got an email from a mom whose daughter is in TJ's class.  She wants to bring birthday treats that everyone can eat.  So often people think of him and how he can be included that it amazes me.  The doctor asked us today if we felt with the diabetes and celiac if he ever felt left out or "different."  I can honestly say that he has never complained about this happening to him.   If anything he gets far more positive attention.  Especially since recently he was in the hospital magazine.  He is famous!  I just hope that the good will continues.  But since he is currently surrounded by nothing but support- in school, in hockey, in church- my hope is that he will never accept anything else.  This has been the case with Tylie.  Taya, however, has had some negative experiences but I think she is learning to overcome them.

Speaking of Taya, I lost her iPhone this weekend.  This story just goes to show that all of our family dramas are not strictly diabetes/celiac related!  Now, Taya is the "loser" of our family.  By this I mean she literally loses things- a lot!  She called yesterday because she didn't have knee pads for her volleyball game.  She found them AFTER the game on the locker room floor.  That is pretty typical.  I have made emergency trips to the rink with a helmet, one skate, a stick.  Phones have been flushed down toilets and lost in snowbanks.  As hard as she tries, it's just who she is.  I am happy to say this has been improving as well.  She even took the initiative to give me her phone during her volleyball tournament so that I could keep it safe.  So, imagine my surprise when we get home and there is no cell phone in the bag.  Bless her heart, she did not say anything as we scurried back to the school and searched everywhere to no avail.  Troy was on the phone trying to see if the phone company could trace it.  We remembered the Find my iPhone app she had installed.  She logged into the computer and there was a Google map with a blinking light showing her phone- at the mall!  There was an option to send a 2 minute signal and put a message on the phone so she put my number on the message.  Troy jumped in the car, hoping it was on a high school bus that he could wave down.  No luck on the bus but at the second attempt to send a signal we got a call back.  Apparently, when I stood up in the bleachers it had fallen into the purse of a player from another team.  What are the chances?  Lucky for us, they had stayed in town to shop so I met her at the store and all is well.  Technology is amazing, huh?

Technology really is amazing.  We said that today at TJ's appointment as he quickly maneuvered his way through his pump settings to make the required changes.  Today was a big day for him.  This morning started out with a dead fish being flushed down the toilet.   I wasn't sure how it was going to go from there considering he had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon which included a blood draw.  However, we are pleased to say he had the best appointment ever!  He has gained 2 pounds and grown 3/4 of an inch since June.  And, the best part is a 7.4 A1c!  That is down a whole point from when he was not on the pump.  Yay, TJ!  Now, if we could just get those sisters numbers down...

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