Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Parties

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

I dread birthday parties.  Not just ones they are invited to, but giving them as well.  Girl parties end up with the inevitable drama and someone is mad at someone else.  Boy parties seem to be so competitive and there is always one boy who isn't and gets left out.  Then there is the food planning.  Although this year, Tylie made TJ an awesome gluten free cake.  It was so good that they all liked it better than the non G-free cake that Taya had made for Tessa!  Overall, I was feeling pretty good about how the July/August birthday spree in our family had gone- both emotionally and nutritionally.

Yesterday, there was a letter addressed to TJ.  I knew instantly it had to be a party invitation, which put my stomach in knots.  I am always thankful that TJ gets invited to parties and that people are not afraid to invite him because, frankly, he is a lot of work.  I hate the fact that despite everything we do to make it otherwise, he is 'different.'  He excitedly opened his mail to reveal a replica of a Twins game ticket.  (Really cute actually.)  While he reads the invite for details I am going through freezer inventory in my head- do we have gluten free cupcakes or brownies?  If not, do I have time to make them?  In the freezer there are four chocolate cupcakes with frosting- thanks Grandma!  Then I see the time for the party and the note that they will eat at his house before going to the gym to play.  Oh, great!  I hate these phone calls!  I have to call the parent and get details on exactly what will be served.  Not only do I need to know the carbohydrate count but also the ingredient list.   I know that it is necessary, but the entire time I am talking I am feeling like the helicopter mom from hell!  This time, however, things are looking up because she is serving Taco in a Bag.  This is one of the favorite foods at our house.  As luck would have it, she has a choice of Doritos- which he can't eat- and plain corn chips- which he can!  Okay, one obstacle overcome.  Next, "So, what brand of taco seasoning do you use?"  Lucky again- it's McCormick!  And she is serving water and fruit.  The way we jumped around and hollered at our house after I hung up, you would have thought we won the lottery.  Usually, if it is pizza, I make him a pizza and send it along.  But, really, do you want to be the kid eating the cold, homemade pizza when everyone else gets a hot and gooey Domino's?   This will also be his first birthday party with the pump.  He is getting a ride to the party from the family.  Their house happens to be near my school, so now I have a reason to stop by- I will drop off the gift and his cupcake so he doesn't have to bring it to school.  And, while I am there I can just happen to double check the food and check his blood sugar.  I am sure this will get easier as he gets older and is able to count his own carbs, like his sister's do.  However, as the carb counting gets easier, I fear that the "I have to bring my own food to parties" thing will get very old!  I guess we will deal with that as it comes.  For now- Yeah, Taco in Bag! 

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