Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1

It was a very busy day yesterday!  We started out early with a photo shoot. All three of them were chosen to be featured in some JDRF media things- thank you's for sponsors, a Build-a-Bear promotion and an interview about being a family with T1. They were awesome! We got a little break mid-day and the girls and Troy went out to eat while I stayed at the motel with TJ to get his much needed swim time. The afternoon included a song with Crystal Bowersox, more pictures-with Crystal and Gary Hall,Jr- and finally a banquet. On one of our elevator rides met Ray Allan and his son, Walker, who has T1. It is really humbling to see that many children with T1 in one space. Children diagnosed as early as 11 months old and some later in their teens.
After the banquet we had some time to walk down the the mall. What amazing sites!  TJ was in awe of the Lincoln Memorial. He is his favorite president!  Tylie was just in awe and Taya stated she has a "respect for history."  Dad made them stop for a lot of pictures so by the end of they day they said their smiles were frozen!  Another unexpected highlight walking back to the motel was seeing the Presidential motorcade.  

TJ woke up this morning singing The Promise song and taking about how awesome yesterday was. We can't wait to see what today has in store!

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