Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Run...

I run- sometimes a couple of times a week, sometimes more.  My reasons for running are probably different than they are for the average "runner" you see going around the Y.  And, let's be honest, I sure don't look like a runner!  So, why do I do it?

Today, I ran because before 9 AM  I had taken my son for a blood draw, gotten a text from a very frustrated T1 D mommy friend, changed a site and argued with a daughter about changing hers.

Today, I ran because in the last 5 days I have received a text from a friend about an 8 year old in her town that has just been diagnosed, a text from another friend diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and learned of an 8 year old girl who died from undiagnosed Type 1.

Today, I ran because in a couple of hours two of my T1 kids and I will sit with a team of health care professionals and pretend to be a pancreas and make some "educated" decisions with regards to insulin and carbohydrate ratios at certain times of the day in relation to hormones, activity, and the alignment of the moon.

Today, I ran because in a couple of weeks my other T1 kid will sit with that same team and we will repeat the process with hopefully better results than we have had for the past 2 years.

Today, I ran because my newly graduated daughter left for her blood draw by herself and it that was more emotional than the actual graduation ceremony.

Today, I ran because that same daughter will be going to college in less then 3  months and living with a stranger who will have no idea what to do when she stumbles across her roommate with her hand in a box of cereal surrounded by 3 empty juice boxes, 2 fruit snacks, a half a peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar and no idea how she got there.  A marijuana high would be the wrong guess... a blood sugar low, the correct one.

Today, I ran because I dread the results of those blood draws.  The A1c is a measure of glucose in the blood over time, however,  it frequently feels like a judge handing down a judgement of our parenting.

I run because there is really a lot of noise in my house and it is the only time it is quiet.

I run because if I didn't I would cry...a lot and all the time.  Running tends to take edge off and I can get mad enough to find a more productive outlet or I can find peace enough to let go of the small stuff.

 I run by myself when I am really frustrated or I run with friends when I need a perspective beyond the little videos that thread nonstop through my head like that new Vine app!

I didn't really want to keep going on my run today.  Then, I got a flash of TJ running in the Color Run this past weekend.  That little stinker ran 5K with barely a walk break and no training while wearing an insulin pump.  And Tylie, woke up with a ridiculously high blood sugar and fought through it to get it to an acceptable level to participate.  And Taya, who frequently reminds me that every bad mood is not necessarily diabetes related (it just feels like it!) And Tessa, who doesn't get to go with us to Washington.  Some days I really dislike running.  But, everyday, I really dislike diabetes.

So, I run.  I am trying to convince my frustrated T1 D mommy friend to run in the 10K portion of the Twin Cities Marathon for JDRF.  I'd go for the full but I did a half once and that about put me over the edge with training.  A 10K, I can do, especially for diabetes.   Anybody with us?

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